Anonymous asked: Your art portfolio last year was somewhat inspired by mirror mask, no?

well spotted, twas somewhat inspired by mirrormask yes but obviously the initial criteria was to pick a handful of objects and sketch them blah blah blah but yeah, mirrormask and various songs that I was listening to at the time

Anonymous asked: You should post your artwork on tumbler n.n

Facebook works well enough

Anonymous asked: I hope the barrage of questions isn't to much trouble :/

how about, you continue to ask questions and I will answer but only if you ask unanonymously.. just for the sake of it (;

Anonymous asked: A picture may say 1000 words but a painting says 10fold that

This is true

Anonymous asked: do you ever really feel finished on a peace of art? i mean if its expressing you than surely it must change with you?

no, it doesn’t go that deep with me, man. a work is finished when its due in at school or when i’ve found something better to do

Anonymous asked: So to share yourself with the world in a way? That it something special alright

for me it’s more just to get it out into a solid form

Anonymous asked: What about art makes it so special to you?

I guess I have a thing about expressing myself, plus it helps that I’m actually good at it which is a bonus. Apparently pictures say a thousand words and I think that may be right, so it’s fun to see what other people have to say even if it’s not super deep and meaningful. There’s just so much art everywhere. To me it’s a bit like music in the way that there is just a never-ending range of possibilities and some of it may be crap but there will be at least one person out there that will find it wonderful

Anonymous asked: How would you feel about an infinite universe were everything that can happen must and has happened even the most ridiculous has to happen?

isn’t that this one? if so then I’d feel exactly the same, nothing would be any different

Anonymous asked: Have you ever been inspired by how the universe not just how it looks but how it fits together in such an chaotic puzzle?

i guess so but to me it makes sense. You should watch Firefly, its a tv series but it got discontinued for some stupid reason. it’s so good and it’s a sci-fi

Anonymous asked: What are you doing now?

looking up japanese watercolor on tumblr

Anonymous asked: Were might I find your work? If you would call it work

mainly in my head haha and currently on my floor

Anonymous asked: What inspires you to make arts and crafts, you must stay quite motivated?

I don’t really know what inspires me, all I know is that staring at artist’s work that I love does NOTHING in the way of inspiration. Reading, walking various random things “Inspire” me. Motivation……is not really something I have, it’s more of an urge to cover a surface like a canvase or more commonly to try something new

that-sweet-beat asked: Ohhhh Yea I remember that detox thing, well I mean you just so good at sticking to that I've heard that people just stop wanting it? my coch swears by it being amazing for your health

It’s harder to eat something again after avoiding it for so long than it is to cut it out of your diet. I don’t think it’s the same deal for addictions unfortunately ..

Anonymous asked: How the hell do you full your time?!?!

well actually this weekend i have managed to have no time because after breakfast I’d get these urges to do something so I’d go back to my room and make lots of things to sell at craft market-type places

that-sweet-beat asked: Oh god thats so good that you liked it man!!!! Maybe ill hit you up if you doing nothing the next time I have some? It's allchill if you don't want to though and of course after exams

perhaps perhaps (;